Saturday, July 08, 2017

Creating bridge on CentOS.

brctl addbr br0
brctl addif enp0s8

brctl delif enp0s8

ip link set br0 up
ifconfig br0 up

Friday, July 07, 2017

Setting up static IPs from same subnet through one gateway?

1. Enabled ARP filtering:
# sysctl -w net.ipv4.conf.all.arp_filter=1
# echo "net.ipv4.conf.all.arp_filter = 1" >> /etc/sysctl.conf
2. Configure /etc/network/interfaces as following:

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
   up ip route add dev eth0 src table eth0table
   up ip route add default via dev eth0 table eth0table
   up ip rule add from table eth0table
   up ip route add dev eth0 src

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static
   up ip route add dev eth1 src table eth1table
   up ip route add default via dev eth1 table eth1table
   up ip rule add from table eth1table
   up ip route add default via dev eth1
   up ip route add dev eth1 src
Add the following two lines to /etc/iproute2/rt_tables

10 eth0table
20 eth1table
The following is also relevant:

A common configuration is the following, in which there are two providers that connect a local network (or even a single machine) to the big Internet.
                                          +------------+        /
                                          |            |       |
                            +-------------+ Provider 1 +-------
        __                  |             |            |     /
    ___/  \_         +------+-------+     +------------+    |
  _/        \__      |     if1      |                      /
 /             \     |              |                      |
| Local network -----+ Linux router |                      |     Internet
 \_           __/    |              |                      |
   \__     __/       |     if2      |                      \
      \___/          +------+-------+     +------------+    |
                            |             |            |     \
                            +-------------+ Provider 2 +-------
                                          |            |       |
                                          +------------+        \________
There are usually two questions given this setup.

4.2.1. Split access

The first is how to route answers to packets coming in over a particular provider, say Provider 1, back out again over that same provider.
Let us first set some symbolical names. Let $IF1 be the name of the first interface (if1 in the picture above) and $IF2 the name of the second interface. Then let $IP1 be the IP address associated with $IF1 and $IP2 the IP address associated with $IF2. Next, let $P1 be the IP address of the gateway at Provider 1, and $P2 the IP address of the gateway at provider 2. Finally, let $P1_NET be the IP network $P1 is in, and $P2_NET the IP network $P2 is in.
One creates two additional routing tables, say T1 and T2. These are added in /etc/iproute2/rt_tables. Then you set up routing in these tables as follows:

   ip route add $P1_NET dev $IF1 src $IP1 table T1
   ip route add default via $P1 table T1
   ip route add $P2_NET dev $IF2 src $IP2 table T2
   ip route add default via $P2 table T2
Nothing spectacular, just build a route to the gateway and build a default route via that gateway, as you would do in the case of a single upstream provider, but put the routes in a separate table per provider. Note that the network route suffices, as it tells you how to find any host in that network, which includes the gateway, as specified above. Next you set up the main routing table. It is a good idea to route things to the direct neighbour through the interface connected to that neighbour. Note the `src' arguments, they make sure the right outgoing IP address is chosen.
     ip route add $P1_NET dev $IF1 src $IP1
     ip route add $P2_NET dev $IF2 src $IP2
Then, your preference for default route:
     ip route add default via $P1
Next, you set up the routing rules. These actually choose what routing table to route with. You want to make sure that you route out a given interface if you already have the corresponding source address:
     ip rule add from $IP1 table T1
     ip rule add from $IP2 table T2
This set of commands makes sure all answers to traffic coming in on a particular interface get answered from that interface.
WarningReader Rod Roark notes: 'If $P0_NET is the local network and $IF0 is its interface, the following additional entries are desirable:
ip route add $P0_NET     dev $IF0 table T1
ip route add $P2_NET     dev $IF2 table T1
ip route add dev lo   table T1
ip route add $P0_NET     dev $IF0 table T2
ip route add $P1_NET     dev $IF1 table T2
ip route add dev lo   table T2                                      
Now, this is just the very basic setup. It will work for all processes running on the router itself, and for the local network, if it is masqueraded. If it is not, then you either have IP space from both providers or you are going to want to masquerade to one of the two providers. In both cases you will want to add rules selecting which provider to route out from based on the IP address of the machine in the local network.

4.2.2. Load balancing

The second question is how to balance traffic going out over the two providers. This is actually not hard if you already have set up split access as above.
Instead of choosing one of the two providers as your default route, you now set up the default route to be a multipath route. In the default kernel this will balance routes over the two providers. It is done as follows (once more building on the example in the section on split-access):
     ip route add default scope global nexthop via $P1 dev $IF1 weight 1 \
     nexthop via $P2 dev $IF2 weight 1
This will balance the routes over both providers. The weight parameters can be tweaked to favor one provider over the other. Note that balancing will not be perfect, as it is route based, and routes are cached. This means that routes to often-used sites will always be over the same provider.
Furthermore, if you really want to do this, you probably also want to look at Julian Anastasov's patches at , Julian's route patch page. They will make things nicer to work with.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Open malicious websites safely!

=> Install Links:

1. "Private Tab":
2. "No-Script": 

In the following screenshot you can see "No-Script" blocked JavaScript!

Now this is where I have landed following that Rouge Link. As Most of the malicious scripts were blocked by "No-Script" this is what is being displayed to me:

Prerouting and Post Routing

NAT table is consulted when a packet that creates a new connection is encountered. It consists of three built-ins:
PREROUTING (for altering packets as soon as they come in),
OUTPUT (for altering locally-generated packets before routing), and 
POSTROUTING (for altering packets as they are about to go out).

PREROUTING - DNAT for incoming packets
OUTPUT - DNAT for outgoing local packets
POSTROUTING - SNAT for outgoing local/forwarded packets

Configuring Inventum Software NAS

=>Inventum Login:
User: root
Password: inventumadmin
=> Initial Setup
=>Displaying the Connected Interfaces:
=>To exit from DIAG: quit
=>List all PCI devices:
=> To load Drivers:
list drivers
=>Look at the driver name. For ex: e1000
=>Press Enter to continue till the list ends.
load e1000
=>To display what is already loaded:
=>To unload/uninstall:
unload e1000
=>To reboot the NAS:
=>Change Default Inventum Password:
change user root password 145236
=> List all Users:
list users
=> Delete User:
del user soham
=>Add User:
add user soham password 145236789 role mgr
=>Set IPs to Interfaces:
set eth0 mask
set eth1 mask
=>Inventum Set Default Route/Gateway:
set default

>Display All Routes:
=> Setting up DNS:
add ns
del ns
=>Set SNAT
=> Set Policy Url:
set policy url
=>Set Firewall:

dd allow from to any protocol any
add allow from any to protocol any

dd allow from any to any protocol tcp/80/
add allow from any to any protocol tcp//80
=> Show running Processes:
main->diag-> ?
=>Check NAS Uptime:
=> Free RAM:

=>To do nslookup:
=>Enabling Authsrv service:

ervice on
set port eth1 wan
set port eth0 lan
qos on
=> Enable Packet Logging:
set logging on
format extended

et logging to 8080
=> Enable Syslog Logging:
set logging on
set logging to 8080
set log level err

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Best animes in Comedy+Romance Genre. An ultimate list of old + new best anime series.

Best animes in Comedy+Romance Genre: 

1. Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase
=> Rating: 10/8

 2. Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls and
Hyakka Ryouran (Season 2): Samurai Bride 
=> Rating: 10/7

3. Aria the Scarlet Ammo 
=> Rating: 10/8

4. Infinite Stratos Season 1 and Season 2
=> Rating: 10/9

**5. Ah! My Goddess Season 1 and Season 2 + OVAs + Movie
=> Rating: 10/10

**6.  Ai Yori Aoshi and Ai Yori Aoshi: Enishi
=> Rating: 10/10

**7.  Campione
=> Rating: 10/10

8. Date A Live
=> Rating: 10/9 

**9. Hataraku Maou-sama!
=>Rating: 10/10

10. Escaflowne

**11. High School DxD Season 1 and Season 2
=> Rating: 10/10

**12. InuYasha Season 1, Season 2, Movies
=>Rating: 10/10

**13. Zero no Tsukaima Season 1, 2 and 3
=>Rating: 10/10

**14. Vandread and Vandread 2nd Stage
=> Rating: 10/10

15. UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie Season 1, 2,3 + OVAs
=>Rating: 10/08

**16: Rosario + Vampire Season 1 and Season 2
=>Rating: 10/10

17. Onegai Teacher
=> Rating: 10/8

18. Omamori Himari
=>Rating: 10/9

**19. Midori Days
=>Rating: 10/10

20. Love Hina Season 1 and Season 2

21. Kanokon
=>Rating: 10/10

22. Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka
=>Rating: 10/8

23. C3
=>Rating: 10/8

24. Amaenaideyo Katsu
 =>Rating: 10/5

25. Nagasarete Airantou
=>Rating: 10/8

26. Omamori Himari

=>Rating: 10/8

**27. Sekirei and Sekirei: Pure Engagement

***28. Tenchi Muyo GXP

29. They Are My Noble Masters
=>Rating: 10/7

**30. Freezing
=>Rating: 10/9

Saturday, December 21, 2013

How to block adult sites, malware domains from being accessed by minors ? Web filtering extensions for Google Chrome.

  1. If you want to prevent yourself from visiting some specific sites, you can use the "Block Site" extension on Google Chrome Web Browser.

1. "" is blocked because I have added that to the 'Block Site' extension's Black List.

2. This is the control panel for Block Site extension. From here you can add/remove sites.

3. Using 'Block Site', you can filter out bad words too.

4. If you want to force yourself to work, this setting will help you.

5. You can make 'Block Site' uninstallable, but for that you might have to pay.

1. With "WebFilter Pro", you will have the full control over its settings.You will be able to lock its settings using email and password. If you don't want the hassle of adding specific sites  in the blacklist as in "Block Site" extension, then this might just be the best choice for you. It uses cloud based content filtering. Just install and use. Read more about this extension here:

2. This is the control panel of "WebFilter Pro" extension. You can choose what kind of sites you want to block and the cloud filtering system will take care of everything else. After configuring everything ,to close the "Control Panel" and start blocking, choose: Working Mode = Kids

3. This is an example of what it does. As you can see "WebFilter Pro" has successfully blocked the adult site.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Best Mozilla Add-ons to supercharge your Firefox Browser.

I was always been a big fan of Firefox because of its simplicity and stability. Firefox runs on rock solid Gecko rendering engine. In my opinion Firefox is far more stable than Chrome. I have rarely faced any crash problem on Firefox whereas I have seen Chrome crashing a lot.

In this article I'm going to pinpoint some most useful Firefox add-ons which will supercharge your browser and made surfing the internet much more smoother.

I'm not going to include an extensive explanation here. Please follow this link and use the search bar to find the relevant add-on:

  • 1. AdBlock Plus
    2. FireProxy
    3. FireBug
    4. QuickNotes
    5. ScrapBook
    6. SpeedDial
    7. QuickBlock
    8. Cache Status
    9. Fast Translate
    10. User Agent Switcher
    11. Cryptfire
    12. Privacy Protector
    13. Simple Mail
    14. Quick Wiki
    15. TinyUrl
    16. Who Stole My Images
    17. Cache Viewer Continued
    18. HTTPFox
    19. Reader
    20. Photobucket Uploader
    21. ScreenGrab
    22. SimilarWeb
  • 23. Stylish
    24. Pixlr Grabber
    25. Magic Actions for Youtube
    26. Nimbus Screenshot
    27. Textarea Cache
    28. Ginger Grammer Checker
    29. WebDeveloper
    30. Cookie Manager+
    31. Ghostery.
    32. PopVideo
    33. Session Manager
    34. Mozilla Archive Format
    35. DownThemAll
    36. FlashGot
    37. Epub Reader
    38. Omnibar
    39. Add to Search Bar
    40. Restartless Restart
    41. Brief
    42. LiveClick
    43. Copy Plain Text 2
    44. Download Manager Tweak
    45. Encrypted Communication
    46. FasterFox
    47. FlagFox
    48. FoxVox
    49. Grab and Drag
    50. Image Zoom
    51. Imgur Uploader
    52. MeasureIt
    53. Menu Editor
    54. Offline QR Generator
    55.  Print Edit
    56. Private Tab
    57. Profile Switcher
    58. QRCode Scanner
    59. Resurrect Pages
    60. Scroll To Top
    61. TableTools2
  • 62. TinyURL Generator
    63. TurnOffTheLights
    64. Work Offline
    65. Xinha Here
    66. Zoom Page
    67. Update Scanner
    68. Master Password+
    69. Xmarks Sync
    70. Form History Control
    78. Lazarus Form Recovery.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Two sites where you can watch or download animes for free.

1. Animefreak.Tv : For English Subbed Animes.

2. For English Dubbed Animes.

  • Both these sites provides small size watchable videos (50-70 MB). Animefreak.Tv's video quality is slightly better, but mostly provides Subbed videos.

Powerful,easy to use, alternative AdBlocker of "AdBlock Plus" for Firefox users. Bluhell Firewall, the newest and the best AdBlocker. Blocks Phishing Sites, Malware Domains etc..

For a very long time I was looking for an alternative to "AdBlock Plus" for Firefox. Adblock Plus tends to use lots of RAM while active. The more "Rule Subscriptions" I select, the more CPU power and RAM it consumes.

Recently while browsing through Firefox Addons directory I've came upon a Addon which exactly does what I was looking for so long.

If you are too looking for a simple, low memory consuming ad-blocker, that is just as powerful & as easy as AdBlock Plus  then install : Bluhell Firewall.

Bluhell Firewall does not provies a lots of options as AdBlock Plus and there is no need for configuring anything. Just install and you will get an toolbar icon; using which you can easily activate and deactivate the Blocking Shield.

Bluhell Firewall seems to be using 70% less RAM than AdBlock ,although blocking all the same ads as AdBlock had done all this time.

Install Link:

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Spark Browser, the fastest, attractive looking, CPU friendly Web Browser for Windows. Best alternative for Google Chrome.

  • If you are looking for alternatives for your buggy "Google Chrome" then here is a choice for you: Spark Browser

  • Spark Browser is a simple and easy-to-use internet browser based on Chrome. Attractive design, changeable skins, good integration with Facebook and a feature for downloading videos make Spark Browser worth trying.

  • Spark Browser comes with-
  • 1. Integrated Video Downloader (Sniffer).
  • 2. Sidebar bookmarks editor, Zoom Controller, Facebook App and Download Manager.
  • 3. Integrated Screen Capture tool.
  • 4. Integrated Mouse gestures.
  • 5. Integrated Tab Mute and Undo Tab Close feature.
  • 6. Integrated PDF viewer.
  • With Spark Browser you can use over 100s of extensions without much CPU overhead compared to other "Chromium" based browsers such as "Torch, Comodo Dragon, Superbird" or even "Google Chrome" itself. 
  • *Spark Browser Beta comes with a Torrent Downloader. With that you can download torrents right away from within the browser interface.